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Raw Dog Food

At our facility, we proudly carry The Complete K9 Raw Dog Food,

a high-quality option for your furry friend's nutrition needs.

dog raw food

Here’s why you and your pet will love it:

  • High-Quality Nutrition: The Complete K9 Raw Dog Food is crafted to provide the best in nutritional value, ensuring your dog gets all the essential nutrients they need for a happy and healthy life.

  • Affordable Health Solution: We believe that every pet owner deserves an affordable solution to improving their pet’s health. With The Complete K9 Raw Dog Food, you can enhance your dog’s diet without breaking the bank.

  • Certified and Inspected: Made at an ACCP-certified facility, The Complete K9 Raw Dog Food undergoes regular testing and inspections on all products and equipment. This ensures that every batch meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

  • Premium Meat Products at Great Prices: Offering premium meat products at an affordable rate, The Complete K9 Raw Dog Food allows you to continue providing top-notch nutrition for your pet without compromising your budget.

  • Custom Orders Available: We understand that every dog has unique needs. That's why we're happy to take requests for different orders of products, so you can tailor your pet's diet to their specific preferences and health requirements.


Choose The Complete K9 Raw Dog Food for a premium, affordable, and customizable solution to your pet's nutritional needs.


Your dog deserves the best, and we’re here to make sure they get it.

Complete Boar $87



56% Boar Trim, 6% Heart, 6% Kidney, 6% Lung, 6% Spleen, 5% Windpipe 5% Liver, and 10% Bonemeal.

This novel protein does not contain poultry, beef, or tripe, making it an excellent choice for pet’s with severe food allergies.

complete boar

Ground Chicken $78



100% Ground Meaty Chicken Carcass (chicken and bone)

*Requires supplements*

This product does not contain any organs and will require these to ensure the proper vitamins and minerals are provided to your pet.

ground chicken

Ground Turkey $97



100% Ground Meaty Turkey Carcass (turkey and bone)

*Requires supplements*

ground turkey
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